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Can I carry a weapon just in case?
  "So, I have a rounder’s bat in my car just in case. I can't get done though cos I've[...]
Can I Arm Myself If Someone Breaks In?
  So, everyone's worst nightmare...It's the middle of the night and you are woken by the sound of smashing glass[...]
Under-reporting of Aggression in Housing
  Under-reporting of Aggression in Housing If you manage staff or have responsibility for Health and Safety where you work,[...]
“There’s nothing I can do about it”
  Hands up if you’ve ever been asked to do something at work that you thought was risky. You felt[...]
Assault or Lawful Force?
Assault or Lawful Force? “Touch me and I’ll have your job!” and “Get your hands off me, that’s assault! I[...]