Positive Handling for Teachers Trainer Course

This course is specifically designed for teachers who want to become Positive Handling Trainers in the education sector

This course will enable you to confidently deliver BTEC Level 2 Award courses to an Awarding Body standard (Ofqual regulated) within the education sector. 

Medically reviewed techniques

Legally Audited

​Nationally recognised qualifications

Internationally recognised MHFA qualifications

So what's in the course...

This course provides a thorough review of all legal aspects regarding the use of physical intervention with pupils, as well as the knowledge and skills to teach physical techniques.

Courses designed with you to meet your needs

On-going support from us,   so you're never alone

Access to our online resources included

Everything you need to run your own courses, in-house

Here are the learning objectives:

  • Understanding legislation and guidance relating to the positive handling of children and young people
  • Know what is meant by the term “challenging behaviour”
  • Understand communication and how it may impact on a person’s behaviour
  • Understand the crisis cycle and develop strategies to deal with or prevent behaviours that challenge
  • Understand how setting and conditions can impact on a person’s behaviour
  • Know what “Positional Asphyxia” is and it's associated signs and symptoms
  • Understand other risks associated with physical intervention and how to evaluate and minimise those risks
  • Know and understand what is meant be the term “Reasonable Force
  • Know when it is appropriate to use positive handling/break away techniques, and how to apply and de-escalate them
  • Know the difference between “Escorting” “Holding” and “Restraining”
  • Explore when it may be necessary, appropriate and proportionate to use more restrictive techniques

Here's what some of our clients have to say about us

Stuart Rutter

Education Training Manager: Catch 22

Lynne Dalby

Project Co-ordinator: Catch 22

Kate Hulbert Teacher and Trainer, Millgate School

Teacher and Trainer, Millgate School

The course moved at a good pace and the information about the law was put into ‘bite size’ pieces. The trainers were knowledgeable and friendly. I would definitely recommend this course to others.

Chris Allbutt Head of Quality, Curriculum and People, Catch 22

Head of Quality, Curriculum and People, Catch 22

As a geographically dispersed group of Alternative Provision schools, Oakwood provided the solution to a consistent approach to the safe and positive handling of students. Our staff now have the confidence to deliver training in house in order to keep staff and students safe across our schools

Gary Carlisle Deputy Head Teacher, Fullhurst Community College

Deputy Head Teacher, Fullhurst Community College

The course was excellent, very informative and fun. The mix of legal information and practical skills means that we are well equipped for incidents