Looking after the Mental Wellbeing and Personal Safety needs of employees

We understand that wellbeing and safety are fundamentally linked, which is why we offer... 

When we feel under threat or have low self esteem, our natural stress response kicks in. In this state we can often make bad decisions, become less productive and dependant on the duration and severity, we can become unwell.

So whats in the course?

Blended courses are designed individually, and tailored to your process and policies, so we can include whatever you need!  We have previously combined mental health and stress resilience with conflict management, lone working and even physical first aid for home based and agile workers. 

  • Recognise and identify the early signs of stress, anxiety and depression
  • Learn techniques to improve stress management (how to deal with pressure and develop personal resilience)
  • How to look after your own wellbeing
  • Understand how to de-escalate and diffuse conflict
  • Basic physical first aid for isolated workers