Welcome To Oakwood Online

In response to so many enquiries from our clients, we have developed our first 'e-learning' course, bringing our unique and engaging delivery style to the world of online learning.

Online Mental Health Course

Do you know what 'mental health' is? 

Would you know if someone was struggling? 

What would you say and do?

We've developed this course to be just as engaging and interactive as our face to face programmes. In it, we answer all of the above and more, offering evidence based tips and best practice advice.  


Just like our face to face courses, our online content is interactive, fun and engaging. 


Take your learning anywhere, anytime. Our content works seamlessly across all of your devices.

Track progress

Gain access to your own dedicated Group Management Dashboard to easily track team progress.


Short modules designed to be 'bite-sized', and you can pick up where you left off for learning on the go!

And we've got plenty more in the pipeline...


Here's a bit more for you to think about...

What about hosting? 

How long are the courses?

Do I get a certificate? 

Can we just buy a Scorm file?

Can we include our branding?

Can the content be tailored?